About Me - The Author

Eddie Pabon has devoted over 15 years implementing, building, and sustaining behavioral health programs to diverse populations and underserved communities in NYC. After a lifetime of homelessness, abandonment and abuse - Eddie became deeply passionate about connecting with and inspiring others to overcome health disparities, poor support systems and pervasive patterns of self destructive behavior.

    In 2003 at age 19 Eddie was diagnosed with HIV and became a peer educator at People of Color In Crisis. He traveled to the CDC in Atlanta twice to assist in the development of structural change initiatives for HIV prevention programs. Eddie collaborated with Human Relations Media and BOW WOW to produce an educational video about HIV/AIDS. During that time Eddie sat on the Steering Committee for official NYC Pride events while assisting in the production of several PSAs geared towards youth of color.

    As an Americorps Public Ally in 2007, he dedicated 1700 volunteer hours in community service over a ten month period - receiving the “Spirit of Diligence in Service Award”. Shortly after he became a CASAC at Services For The Underserved. Working with the community in substance abuse programs, managing homeless shelters, and correctional settings. Eddie worked over 4 years at Rikers Island In collaboration with the Department of Corrections and Department of Health to provide transitional health care coordination services. It was then Eddie noticed a clear correlation between lack of adequate support during youth and unhealthy mental and physical adult habits - causing cyclic traumatic outcomes like incarceration, disease, homelessness, mental illness and early death.

    In 2015 He suffered a traumatic car accident that inspired him to change the course of his life by creating "LaLecheDelArte" to capture light and love in the moment as a photographer. Most recently Eddie became an author and speaker for Voyage To Love - releasing “The Son Will Rise in December” an inspirational memoir he hopes will inspire anyone facing trauma to find their light, love and happiness within. With “Drops of Hope” Eddie connects with the community sharing his challenges with interactive talks, aiming to be a beacon of hope to the World.

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