Eddie Pabon is deeply passionate about inspiring others to overcome pervasive patterns of self-destructive behavior caused by trauma. He has devoted over 15 years to implementing, building, and sustaining behavioral health programs for diverse communities in NYC. At 19, he became a peer educator at People of Color In Crisis. During his tenure at P.O.C.C, he collaborated with the CDC in Atlanta to assist in the development of structural change initiatives for HIV prevention programs. He also collaborated with Human Relations Media and (then rapper) “BOW WOW” to produce an educational video about HIV/AIDS. He also appeared in several PSA’s centered around health awareness.  

    As an Americorps Public Ally in 2007, he dedicated over 1700 volunteer hours of community service in ten-months and received the “Spirit of Diligence in Service Award”. 

In 2013 Eddie became a CASAC at Services For The Underserved (SUS). During this time he worked over 4 years at Rikers Island providing inmates with transitional health care coordination in collaboration with the New York State Departments of Corrections and Health. It was then he noticed a clear correlation between early childhood trauma and maladaptive patterns of behavior that lead to poor coping skills in adulthood. 

    In 2015 Eddie suffered a traumatic car accident that inspired him to change the course of his life by sharing his own story to be an example of the resiliency we are all capable of. After years of meditation, he became an author and speaker in 2018 when he released “The Son Will Rise in December” a raw and uncut memoir that has touched the hearts of everyone who reads it. Eddie has provided motivational talks to educational institutions and government entities like The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission and NY state courts and the responses are a resounding, “Inspirational.”

    In 2020 Eddie became a certified meditation instructor providing mindfulness coaching to those in need of activating their resiliency. With “LECHE”(Love, Energy, Community, Healing, and Empowerment) and "PRACTICE" (Patiently Repeating Altruistic Challenges To Inspire Core Excellence) as core values, Eddie teaches mindfulness, aiming to be a beacon of hope to the World. His latest project is LECHEweAre.com a mindfulness empowerment community. 


"I welcome you to join the LECHE movement and share your love. I believe that mindfulness is the key to unlocking your potential to overcome whatever life is challenging you with.”


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